• New Video: All Sides of the Sun

    This new video was composed entirely of photographs of refugees flooding onto the shores of Lesvos, Greece from Turkey in 2015. Dylan's father David captured this grim reality with his camera while on a mission to aid the new arrivals. Directed by Miles Steuding. 

  • A Few Highlights From the Record Release Show.

    Here are a few selections from Dylan's sold out record release show at FTC Stage One in Fairfield, CT. 230 fans filled the theater to celebrate the release of Dylan's new 10 song LP Spirit Glue.

    The night featured Mark Mollica on electric guitar, Joe Izzo on drums, Dave Archer on keyboards, Trevor Coen on bass guitar, Erin Macleod on backing vocals, Michael Schmidt on backing vocals and sax, Jim Miller on percussion, and students from the Bunnell High School Music Dept. 

  • New Album Is Out Everywhere! New Video and Single Released!

    Get your vinyl or digital copy and sample tracks here .  

    Record Release shows start tomorrow night Feb. 3rd with the FULL BAND. 

    2/3 at Pete's Candystore in Brooklyn at 8pm

    2/4 at Fairfield Theater Company in Fairfield CT at 7:45pm

    2/10 at Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan NY at 8pm 

    2/17 at Rhizome in Washington DC at 8pm

    2/20 at the Middle East in Cambridge MA at 9:30

    HERE IS THE BRAND NEW VIDEO for the 3rd single  "Hometown Girl" directed by Miles Steuding. 

     HERE IS THE BRAND NEW VIDEO for the 2nd single "Coming True" directed by Miles Steuding. 


  • Official Video Release - Spirit Glue

    Happy Thanksgiving! Here it is: THE OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR SPIRIT GLUE - the first official release from the upcoming LP which drops on Tuesday, January 31. Directed by Miles Steuding and assisted by Brian Thorne. Enjoy!

  • Spirit Glue Delivered to Pledgers

    The new album Spirit Glue has landed in the inboxes of the 120 people who pledged their support, making the entire project possible. An official release date and tour dates will be announced soon. 

    Here is a look at the cover art by the talented Emily Harrison and the track listing: 

    Side A                                                      Side B                          

    1. Spirit Glue                                            1. Hometown Girl

    2. Coming True                                        2. I'm a Kite

    3. Gold                                                     3. She's a Lion

    4. Down in the Trees                                4. Friday Morning

    5. All Sides of the Sun                              5. If you Want Peace

  • Upcoming Shows

    9/17 @ Private Show (duo with Ryan Parrino) - Westport, CT - 7-10

    10/14 @ O'Neill's Pub - South Norwalk, CT - 10:00-1:00 (Full Band)

    10/15 @ Trackside Teen Center (Fundraiser) - Wilton, CT -  7-9 (Full Band)

    10/21 @ Two Roads Brewery (Fundraiser for Eli Whitney Elementary School) - Stratford, CT - (solo)

    11/5 @ O'Neill's Pub - South Norwalk, CT - 10:00-1:00 (Full Band)

    11/26 @ Sarah's Wine Bar - Ridgefield, CT - 7:30-10:30 (solo)




  • The House Concert Cometh!

    Dylan is on the verge of releasing his fifth studio album titled "Spirit Glue." The album was funded by over 100 of Dylan's fans through PledgeMusic and recorded by famed rock producer Bryce Goggin at Trout Recording in Brooklyn. 

    However before the album comes out, Dylan is previewing the material at a string of solo, acoustic house concerts this summer. These house concerts create an up close and personal experience where the artist and audience can easily connect. The tour will include the following dates:

    July 10 - Stratford CT

    August 4 - Berkeley CA

    August 20 - Weston, CT

    August 21 - Nashua, NH

    August 27 - Fairfield, CT

    If you are interested in hosting a show, email

  • Tonight!

    The Spirit Glue PledgeMusic Campaign is officially a success! 120 of you helped Dylan to amass a war chest of $10,000 with which to record his next album. If you have not preordered the record, you can still do so at and receive all kinds of special sauce along with the record.

    So... let's celebrate tonight with the Dylan's biggest show of the year at Fairfied Theatre Company's StageOne in Fairfield, CT. It will be a birthday celebration (Dylan's birthday is June 12), a preview of songs from the new record, and rotating door of special guests. 


  • The Next Four Fridays!


    There are 6 Days left to preorder my new record Spirit Glue. Gain special access to the recording process, rough mixes, photos, videos, and exclusive rewards. Thanks to the 110 people who have pledged so generously, from $10 to $1000! 

    Fridays are where its at for the next month for catching Dylan live in CT:

    Friday 5/27 @ O'Neill's - 10pm (Prince + Bowie Tribute set)
    Friday 6/3 @ Fairfield U - 5pm (CT teachers BBQ)
    Friday 6/10 @ FTC StageOne - 7:45 (BIG SHOW!! Lisa Lisa Bastoni Boucheropens)
    Friday 6/17 @ Southbury (CT House Show opening for Scars on 45)

  • The Big Show (and more)

    Dylan's biggest show of the year is coming up on June 10th at FTC StageOne in Fairfield CT. He will be previewing songs from the upcoming release Spirit Glue with a slew of special guests. 

    Also, Dylan is happy to be opening for Scars on 45 once again on June 17 in Southbury CT. For details email 

    On May 27, Dylan and the Epic Poets will be playing O'Neill's Irish Pub in South Norwalk, CT and playing one entire set of Prince jams as a tribute to his Purple Majesty!

    Last but not least, over 100 fans have preordered the new record Spirit Glue through, which brings Dylan 60% of the way towards fullfilling the goal. There are still 20 days in which you can preorder the album and qualify for all kinds of exclusive rewards. Click here now to preorder and help Dylan reach his goal. 

  • Upcoming Shows in April

    4/2 - Sarah's Wine Bar - Ridgefield, CT @ 7:30 PM with Mark Mollica

    4/8 - Tautog Tavern - Bridgeport, CT @ 10pm with Mark Mollica

    4/30 - O'Neill's Pub - South Norwalk, CT @ 10:30 with Epic Poets

  • PledgeMusic Campaign Launch


    The time has come. The PledgeMusic campaign to support the making of Dylan's new album Spirit Glue is set to launch on this Super Tuesday March 1st. Click the badge above to go to my PledgeMusic page and see all of the gnarly ways you can become a part of the journey of making new music and pressing vinyl. Be sure to watch the video and check out the store for the exclusive offerings and speical access opportunities. With the desperate state of politics in this nutzo election season, THIS is the only campaign contribution that is worth every penny - let's make Super Tuesday about making beautfiul sounding music together.

  • A New Record in the Works

    Dylan is beginning work on a new record! Tracking begins in February at Trout Recording in Brooklyn with engineer and producer Bryce Goggin at the helm. This album will be pressed exclusively on vinyl (with a free digital download card included). This is Dylan's first vinyl LP. 

    To fund the creation of this album, Dylan will be doing a crowd funding campaign through More on that very soon.

    In the meantime, here are some upcoming shows in the CT area:

    Friday 1/29 @ Sarah's Wine Bar - Ridgefield- 7:30pm (solo)

    Saturday 2/6 @ O'Neill's Pub - South Norwalk - 10:00 (Epic Poets)

  • Upcoming Fall Shows

    Upcoming Shows: 

    10/11 - Tabac, Brooklyn NY, 12-3 ( Duo with Dan Asher on bass)

    10/15 - UCBC by Candlelight, Darien CT, 7-11 (Solo performance in seated listening room) 

    10/16 - OBar, Trumbull CT, 10-1(Solo performance)

    10/24 - O'Neill's Pub, Norwalk CT, 10:30-1:30 (Epic Poets - full band)

    11/7 - Las Vetas Lounge, Fairfield CT, 8-11 (Double bill with Lisa Bastoni) 

    11/18 - CBLS Thomas Ryan Auditorium at University of Rhode Island, 4:30-6:30 (Presentation and performance with Nora Barre on crisis in Syria and what you can do to help)

    11/28 - O'Neill's Pub, Norwalk CT, 10:30-1:30 (Epic Poets - full band)

  • Dylan on Panel at Washington DC Pre-Screening of "Little Gandhi" Documentary.

    Last year, Syrian-American film director Sam Kadi invited Dylan to write a song for his new documentary Little Gandhi about the Syrian uprising The feature film sets the record straight with interviews with peace activists who planned and staged the first protests in the Syrian Revoltuion. It focuses on Ghyiath Mattar, the natural leader of the movement in Daraya (Damascus Suburb), who modeled his activism on that of Martin Luther King and Gandhi. His arrest and death under torture in 2011 by the Assad regime shocked the world and resulted in many foreign dignitaries attending his funeral. Dylan's song Man of Peace (produced, mixed, and engineered by Mark Mollica) is featured in the film. The film is currently pre-screening in major citites across the US before hitting the festival circuit. Stay tuned for an upcoming music video for the song Man of Peace.