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  • The Next Four Fridays!


    There are 6 Days left to preorder my new record Spirit Glue. Gain special access to the recording process, rough mixes, photos, videos, and exclusive rewards. Thanks to the 110 people who have pledged so generously, from $10 to $1000! 

    Fridays are where its at for the next month for catching Dylan live in CT:

    Friday 5/27 @ O'Neill's - 10pm (Prince + Bowie Tribute set)
    Friday 6/3 @ Fairfield U - 5pm (CT teachers BBQ)
    Friday 6/10 @ FTC StageOne - 7:45 (BIG SHOW!! Lisa Lisa Bastoni Boucheropens)
    Friday 6/17 @ Southbury (CT House Show opening for Scars on 45)