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  • Dylan on Panel at Washington DC Pre-Screening of "Little Gandhi" Documentary.

    Last year, Syrian-American film director Sam Kadi invited Dylan to write a song for his new documentary Little Gandhi about the Syrian uprising The feature film sets the record straight with interviews with peace activists who planned and staged the first protests in the Syrian Revoltuion. It focuses on Ghyiath Mattar, the natural leader of the movement in Daraya (Damascus Suburb), who modeled his activism on that of Martin Luther King and Gandhi. His arrest and death under torture in 2011 by the Assad regime shocked the world and resulted in many foreign dignitaries attending his funeral. Dylan's song Man of Peace (produced, mixed, and engineered by Mark Mollica) is featured in the film. The film is currently pre-screening in major citites across the US before hitting the festival circuit. Stay tuned for an upcoming music video for the song Man of Peace.